As The Facades nears its publication date, it seems like a good idea to guide potential readers to some other stuff by/about me on the Internet (some of it in the father reaches thereof). Here are some links to give you some idea where I’m coming from. Thanks for taking a look.

St. Louis Magazine profile Local poet and culture editor Stefene Russell wrote a brilliant piece about The Facades, tucked way in the back of what is one of the fattest single magazine issues I have ever seen. There’s a photo of me in the stacks at the library that I actually really like.

“Misplaced Person” (Writeliving Blog)Thoughts about living and writing in the Midwest, with a great intro by fellow STL writer David Schuman.

“Thirty-Two Short Paragraphs About Charles Newman” (Quarterly West)This was kind of a tough one. Remembrance of my former professor, his disorderly life, his kindness toward me, and reflections on his posthumous novel In Partial Disgrace.

Review: The No World Concerto by A.G. Porta (The Quarterly Conversation) Exploration of an ambitious novel by Joycean fanatic and Bolano collaborator A.G. Porta, his first novel to be translated into English, published by Dalkey Archive.

Review: Demolishing Nisard by Eric Chevillard (Three Percent) Another Dalkey title, this one a delightfully mischievous work about a forgotten literary critic.

Finally, I’ve also been maintaining Scribbler, the creative writing blog at the Central St. Louis Public Library. Here are a few of my favorite posts from that blog:

The Stages of the St Louis Book FairI’ve been attending this fair regularly for years, and realized this past year that it was finally time for a psychologically rigorous, definitive account. Includes tips on spotting William Gass and dealing with the infamous arch-villain known only as “Headphones Guy.” This one really was a lot of fun to write.

The Word from BEADispatch from the intermittently surreal world of the country’s largest book-industry event.

Free Agent: The Rosalie Siegel InterviewRosalie was my first friend in the business, a wonderful, kind person who has had an extraordinary career. I was very lucky to get to ask her a few questions about her literary life and post her answers at Scribbler.

And that, I think, gets us pretty much up to date …



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