Last fall was an amazing ride–traveling the country from New York to Austin to Minneapolis to Portland, and reconnecting with a lot of important people from different phases of my life. I continue to be moved by the number of people who have gotten in touch about the book, either online or in person (a few even seeking me out at the library). It’s a very lucky thing to see your work finding its way into other people’s lives and minds. Being part of that miraculous transaction we call literature.

While the novel is now “launched” as they say (I like the nautical metaphor and the vast watery uncertainty it implies), the wake ripples forward. I’ve updated the events page with some upcoming gigs for spring 2013, and in late May, Overlook will release a cool-looking paperback edition (it’s not final but I’m digging the magenta). Hopefully I’ll be back soon with news about the Spanish translation; there’s also an Italian translation of the short story “The Last Preface” in the works.

Meanwhile as my own thoughts tend toward new projects, imaginary cities and buildings, I hope 2014 is proving to be a creative and rewarding year for readers of The Facades. It has been a deep pleasure to hear from you and talk to you about the novel.




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